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In Tribute to….

In loving memory of Cesar

Cesar lived with and was loved by his foster dad from 8/8/20 to 11/21/17. Then he was adopted by the MOST amazing family who cherished him every single day he was with them. Cesar, you were dearly loved and will be missed.

In loving memory of Lily

Lily (2005-2021) was loved and pampered by Rita G for many years. She was the cutest little girl and will be greatly missed. She leaves an empty spot in her family’s heart.

In loving memory of Kylie

January, 2021: Kylie came into rescue as an unwanted puppy, and was loved by her dad for over 8 years. Kylie was happiest when actively playing, esp frisbee or snow romping. A long walk followed by a TV chill session with her person was her defintion of perfection. Metastic bone cancer stole this girl too soon… run free dear Kylie.

In loving memory of Daisy

January, 2021: A loving donation has been made in honor of Daisy, family pet of Amy and Ron H.
Daisy was adopted as a young pup from a rescue group, and took her job as family lovebug, security alerter, footwarmer, and beloved pooch very seriously for over 14 years. She is sorely missed by her mom, dad, adult kids & grandkids. Rest well sweet Daisy.

In loving memory of Glenda

January, 2021: A loving donation has been made by Roy H honoring  beloved Glenda. Glenda came in to rescue as an adult; at one point after an escape on a very hot summer afternoon, she led PRN volunteers on a long, spirited chase through Brentwood! Glenda was the perfect mix of an independent but loving personality. This little gal got along with all other doggies in her home, never causing a problem, always a master of minding her own business. She was cherished during the second chapter of her 15+ years. She will  be remembered always in the hearts of her PRN family.