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In Tribute to….

Birthday Wishes to a Pair of Very Special Girls

In honor of Coco (formerly Robin) and Sasha’s (formerly Rosie, both adopted August 31, 2023) first birthday (May 1st or 2nd, the rescue was not quite sure, so we celebrated both days). We are so thankful for these girls. They are so playful and happy and love each other so much. We are lucky to have them and wanted to say thank you to the rescue.(from her loving family)

A farewell to our beloved Penny from her family

Penny was our “goodest girl”. To know her was to know love. She was my right hand girl, always by my side. I will miss her putting her paw on my foot. Penny always knew how to make her presence known! Whether it was laying down on our board game in the middle of family game night or sticking her head through the crook of my arm, Penny loved to be a part of things. She was so patient, so full of love. Penny loved getting to run around in the backyard, occasionally bark at a few deer, and go on car rides to visit my dad. There is a noticeable hole in our family, but we are grateful that she is out of C pain.

A loving tribute to Libby: A cherished girl

Farewell sweet Libby, the beloved companion of Sandi & Jim D. First foster pup of Terrie C. You will be missed and held in many hearts forever.


In loving memory of Kenzie: A most beloved girl

Kenzie, the beloved pet of long time PRN supporters, Terry and Jim A, was the perkiest Border Collie ever! She became a registered therapy dog in August 2011 and for the rest of her life spread love and cheer. Kenzie was a small bundle of fur with a huge personality…. leaping with love, hopping with happiness, jiggling with joy. Watching Kenzie celebrate life was sure to generate gigantic smiles on the folks she visited.
Kenzie visited many nursing homes and was an integral part of monthly entertainment activities… whether sporting a cardinals baseball attire, a french beret, or patriotic ensemble, her cuteness hit overload, and her antics resulted in giggles, smiles, and laughter which is perhaps one of the VERY best healing interventions! Nothing can alleviate stress like a good belly laugh!
Kenzie spent many years consistently visiting special education students on a weekly basis… she was so very popular and the pep in her step gave such joy to students who loved walking her through the halls. Oh, how proud they felt …. many had never before walked a dog, and had such a feeling of accomplishment as they guided her throughout the many halls and annexes in the building.
She could be a little stinker now and then… for example, while on a school walk, she would come to a dead halt at the main hallway by the exit door.. it was her way of informing mom NOPE, we are not going to leave yet! And every now and then, the little miss would ascend the huge stairwells backwards (yes, butt first going up), wishing a final farewell to the kids who adored her waving at the bottom of the stairs. Few people may know, but Kenzie was part of a secret love match.. she and Alfie G, another PRN alum were head over heels in love with one another… the two scruffs (a big mutt and a little purebred) shook with excitement when they were allowed playtime and would roll and cavort until exhaustion.
Kenzie you added so much joy and happiness… you were like a bright sunny day with the perfect breeze and singing birds and woodland creatures (think Disney). You colored so many peoples dark days with a bright and loving paintbrush. You will be so missed by your mom and dad and those that got to share your amazing life spark… well done little girl… enjoy your heavenly long walks and eating all the treats you could ever want… until we meet again

In loving memory of Rooney: A most beloved PRN alum

We have lost a favorite PRN alumnus. Mr. Rooney, aka mickey, left us a few weeks ago after a brief illness. He was a huge personality and never met a stranger or forgot any of his caregivers. He had a rough start in life, as most of PRN’s participants have, but found a forever home with Zoe and spent almost 10 years with her as chief security officer of RS SECURITY.

Rooney felt the wardrobe makes the dog and he sported bow ties, sweaters, a cozy coat made by his Aunt DD, and a sherpa coat when cold. Of course, his duty uniform included a security badge, shades and a tie.

Rooney loved a good chow, especially if stolen from the kitchen counter. “Everything’s better with butter!” An entire stick should be enough. He could heat up a yogurt cup or cottage cheese tub getting every last little bit.
He was a big proponent of walkies and met a coyote, a fox, and the daily paper carrier who always said hi! He braved the polar vortex but wisely cut the distance down a bit.

Rooney’s best friend lived in the yard behind his. Jack the Shih Tzu would bark for him and Rooney would rush to the door to meet his buddy. He also would wait hours in the yard for his friend so they could run the fence and have a loud gossip session.

Creature comforts were to be enjoyed. A soft memory foam hooded bed, a tent made from the couch cover to hide under or take the chill off. Sunshine through the window was embraced and snoozed in. The back of the couch afforded a great view of the front yard and the neighbors.

Rooney leaves behind his mom and sister Izzy Belle, also a PRN alumnus, his aunt DD and cousin Luca (PRN alumnus Benton) who miss him so very much. PRN caregivers also mourn his passing. Sweet dreams and run free beyond the Rainbow Bridge our dear Mr. Rooney.

In honor of retirement of Ali: Therapy Dog

Ali served as a Love on a Leash therapy dog from 10/2013 – 6/2020. Ali and her mom shared tremendous love throughout the St Louis community for many years. Serving as dedicated visitors at an adult day care center, even the grumpiest of folks embraced their perky and caring personalities.  On the college circuit, they embraced stressed  students, posed for selfies, melted away some of the stress related to college life, easing loneliness related to being away from home. Ali and her dad served as a cheering squad as her mom trained as a marathon runner,  actually qualifying as a 2020 Boston marathon participant!. Eventually Ali earned her retirement privileges, currently spreading love on the home front, while her mom continues to cheer on her fellow pet visitation teams. Ali & Kathy…Thanks for your years of service!

In memory of George: Therapy Dog

George served as a Love on a Leash therapy dog from 8/2016 – 3/2022. He made such an amazing impression wherever he went… he was a regular on the college circuit… stress busting with his enchanting good looks and muscular build, charming all the students.  He was a particular favorite at assisted living homes, deeply loved and sporting a private fan club. On one of his very last visits, George settled into a resident’s lap, enjoying a birthday serenade celebrating her 92nd birthday.
George had a life of 15 years well lived… loved by family, friends, and so many folks he met on visits. He was blessed to experience a wonderful quality of life even during his months of treatment, really only showing signs of illness the last week of his life. George’s mom Christy shares her hope that every pet might know the love that George did.

A Tribute to Sage, a most remarkable & loved cat

Sage (E.Waggie Wage) joined our family in Joplin on Jacob’s 5th birthday, July 30th, 2007. When Christy went to pick out a cat, Sage was the most determined Kitten in the litter to come home with her. From the moment Sage hopped out of her carrier and into her forever home, she and Jacob were the best of friends.
Sage was quite the jumper, she loved chasing the laser pointer up the wall and leaping after her mouse on a string. She loved Kitty Treats, covering herself in catnip, trying to fit into boxes, perching on people’s shoulders as they walked around and taking naps in fresh baskets of Laundry.
In her later years she enjoyed spending time outside on the deck, it was a privilege that only she had, she loved Lunchmeat, Kitty gravy and sitting on people who were talking on their phone. She routinely wandered the house at night with a toy in her mouth meowing loudly for reasons we never understood, and it was impossible to finish a bowl of Ice Cream without Sage knowing you were almost done she would just appear out of nowhere to lick the bowl clean.
Sage was an amazing cat, who we were blessed to have in our lives, but we are most grateful for the special bond she shared with Jacob. During some of his most difficult times as a teenager, Sage was always there for him, she never questioned him or argued with him, she was just his loyal companion and stood by his side through the best and worst of it.
Sage is survived by her loving family humans as well as her Brother of 13 years “Inky” Winky-Winks and her little Sisters Sparkles and Stormy. She is preceded in death by her sister “Squeaks” T. Squeakertons and brother Thompson “Tom” P. Kittycat. Sage passed peacefully with her beloved Jacob by her side.

A Tribute to the Dogs We Have Loved

Rena & Clinton H honoring the memories of the many family dogs that have passed, Bo, Bella, Boo, Coco, Yadi, Sugar, Buddy & all the dogs we’ve loved before.

Java Bean sends a tribute to Betty White

The late Betty White was a tireless lifetime advocate for animals. She was a voice for those who needed to be heard. To honor her with a donation to this wonderful rescue is our greatest pleasure. Happy Birthday, Betty.

A Tribute to Knuckles

In loving memory of Knuckles whose calm gentle soul will forever be remembered by all who knew him. His big heart helped other foster dogs overcome their fear on their way to their forever homes. Always eagar to jump in the SUV, ready for the next adventure with her human Susan B.Knuckles, your PRN friends know you were a one in a million pup!

In Honor of a Huge Animal Lover!

Many of us know folks that love animals, but according to Jennifer Springer, Mr. Dave Berryman is perhaps the biggest animal of all time. Paying tribute to him as well as sending Merry Christmas and holiday wishes, PRN send thanks to you Dave for being such a kind soul!

In Loving Memory of Macy G

Once there  was a wonderful very pregnant girl who came into rescue. She gave birth to her puppies (all of whom were adopted). Sadly it seemed Macy waited and waited and waited and waited for her forever home. We guess she had to wait so long because sometimes perfection takes time.. you see, our girl Macy found the PERFECT home with Eric and Megan! (and we might mention her grandparents are perfect also).

Macy may have had a rough start, but boy did her extended family make up for it.. Macy knew she was loved and cherished, and her passing earlier this year was sorely felt. Her dad shared, “She was the most loyal, sweet dog we’ve ever known”. We are proud to honor Macy’s legacy and are so appreciative of the support her family gives PRN. You are always in our hearts Macy!

In Loving Memory of Chase S

Many years ago, Chase came into rescue after, well, quite a chase… or rather trapping effort. This fine fellow had been hanging out at a commuter lot way down on Highway 44 near St Clair MO. So many people were worried… with lots of patience, yummy food, treats, tracking, and trapping, this guy’s life on the road was thankfully over!

Lucky for Chase, there was a perfect family waiting for him. Kathy & Gary welcomed this vagabond into their home, and showered him with love, attention, toys, treats, goodies, adventures, and all the things a pup might dream of. After many years, they had to bid farewell to this guy, but honor his memory with tons of support to rescue efforts. We are privileged to have been a part of Chase’s, “the most lovable goof ever” story. We will always remember you!

In Loving Memory of Bailey W

Bailey served as a Love on a Leash therapy dog from summer 2012 to Oct 2021, with that special knack for getting close to his visiting people… on a bed, next to a wheelchair, on his mom’s knee, next to a patient, sitting on a chair; Bailey always settled right in to the perfect position to be close to his people, whatever it took. His calmness, attentiveness, and gentleness always charmed folks and put a smile on their faces.

More than just a pretty face, Bailey gained fame and notoriety as the “dog in the hat”.. yes, he gained fame at his facilities for sporting proudly a vast array of headwear. Should other pooches would visit in his absence, it was a guarantee that someone would ask, “where’s the cute dog who wears hats??” A regular at senior homes and assisted living facilities, Bailey and his mom also had a special place in their hearts for stress busting at universities… firm advocates for the positive impact pets can have on mental health, especially during these most challenging times…maybe more important now more than ever. The loss of Bailey leaves a hole in many hearts; his mom requested a memorial donation to PRN in lieu of a service plaque.. we will strive to carry on in a way which makes Bailey proud!


In Loving Memory of our Dads

A tribute to our beloved fathers, and to all the beloved dogs that they cherished over the years.  On top, Marc Hasse shows off his dear companion, Nicky IV. Featured below, Horst Korneffel enjoys time with Max II.

Dads, please know you are missed every day and deeply loved. In loving remembrance, Sandra and Mike K.


In loving memory of Elsie

Elsie lived a beautiful life at the Rover Ranch always taking pride in welcoming new humans and dogs to her home. She was oh so sweet and gentle and never far from her loving dad Roy.

In loving memory of Jade

Jade was adopted in March 2007 by her foster failure mom Kathy. She had been living on the parking lot of a 7/11 begging for food, struggling to survive. Jade had the PERFECT temperament to work as a therapy dog, and spread joy, love and smiles from 2009 to her retirement in 2020. She had the natural gift of making every single person feel as if they were her very favorite in the world. She was dearly loved and will be dearly missed.

In loving memory of Winnie

Winnie was adopted from PRN in 2010 at age 3 and lived with her family in St. Louis and then Iowa for another 11 years. She loved long sniffing walks, chasing sneaky bunnies, popcorn snacks on the couch and afternoon naps on her quilt. She was adored by her family and will be missed. Winnie lived a real dog rescue happy ending! Winnie will stay forever in our PRN hearts.

In loving memory of Edgar

Edgar was a foster dog for 7 weeks in 2013, loved by Roy his foster dad. Edgar was such a special dog. He became a bit famous as his picture ended up on bottles of furminator shampoo! Edgar was adopted by a wonderful young lady, Stephanie, who has since become a very good friend to the volunteers and Pet Rescue Network. Edgar will remain in our hearts forever!

In loving memory of Cesar

Cesar lived with and was loved by his foster dad from 8/8/20 to 11/21/17. Then he was adopted by the MOST amazing family who cherished him every single day he was with them. Cesar, you were dearly loved and will be missed.

In loving memory of Lily

Lily (2005-2021) was loved and pampered by Rita G for many years. She was the cutest little girl and will be greatly missed. She leaves an empty spot in her family’s heart.

In loving memory of Kylie

January, 2021: Kylie came into rescue as an unwanted puppy, and was loved by her dad for over 8 years. Kylie was happiest when actively playing, esp frisbee or snow romping. A long walk followed by a TV chill session with her person was her defintion of perfection. Metastic bone cancer stole this girl too soon… run free dear Kylie.

In loving memory of Daisy

January, 2021: A loving donation has been made in honor of Daisy, family pet of Amy and Ron H.
Daisy was adopted as a young pup from a rescue group, and took her job as family lovebug, security alerter, footwarmer, and beloved pooch very seriously for over 14 years. She is sorely missed by her mom, dad, adult kids & grandkids. Rest well sweet Daisy.

In loving memory of Glenda

January, 2021: A loving donation has been made by Roy H honoring  beloved Glenda. Glenda came in to rescue as an adult; at one point after an escape on a very hot summer afternoon, she led PRN volunteers on a long, spirited chase through Brentwood! Glenda was the perfect mix of an independent but loving personality. This little gal got along with all other doggies in her home, never causing a problem, always a master of minding her own business. She was cherished during the second chapter of her 15+ years. She will  be remembered always in the hearts of her PRN family.