How to Start the Adoption Process

If  interested in adopting a PRN pet, all prospective families are required to complete the adoption form below. Submission of an online application does not in any way obligate you to adopt. Instead, it provides our adoption counselors with helpful information  for the basis of an interview / discussion which will follow.

When approved as an adoptive family, you will be required to sign the  appropriate  adoption agreement.

If attending a scheduled adoption event, application forms are available and can be filled out in person. Applications may also be completed and  submitted online.

After forms are received, an adoption advisor will make contact  for an  interview.  Applicants are often requested to participate in a home visit. Reference checks with veterinarians are conducted. PRN available animals  are not placed on a first come first serve basis. Instead, the adoption committee tries to assess each individual animal’s needs and carefully screen applicants. The goal is to ensure that each animal is placed in the most compatible home, resulting hopefully in a permanent and successful placement for both people and pets.  PRN  reserves the right to refuse any application.

Participate in an Interview
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