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Lovable Dogs

Want to Help These Wonderful Creatures? View Adoptable Cats & Kittens or Donate to Help with Their Care!


Adorable Cats

Want to Help These Wonderful Creatures? View Adoptable Cats & Kittens or Donate to Help with Their Care!








Who We Are

Pet Rescue Network, is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization licensed in the state of Missouri. It is comprised of dedicated and experienced volunteers determined to positively impact the lives of animals in need. We serve St. Louis and surrounding rural communities. Many PRN volunteers have 10 to 15 years experience  in animal rescue activities.  PRN strives to meet both the medical and psychological needs of animals who have suffered abuse, neglect, or abandonment through no fault of their own.

What We Do

Pet Rescue Network places unwanted and neglected pets in loving forever adoptive homes. While awaiting their permanent home, pets reside in loving foster homes and are treated as cherished family members. In order to secure the most permanent placements possible, PRN is committed to public education and thoughtful selection of potential families. Every rescued animal receives appropriate veterinarian care.

PRN stresses the importance of spaying and neutering. We are strongly committed to promoting this throughout our community in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted pets. PRN participates in community outreach programs assisting citizens in finding low cost spay/neuter services when needed. PRN provides education to families regarding ways to provide structured, consistent, safe, and loving environments for all pets. We also provide education on the benefits of ongoing socialization and training for the family pet.

By adopting from PRN, you can be assured that your new pet has been given the best of care. All animals reside in foster homes while awaiting adoption. They are socialized and assessed for behaviors, quirks and special needs PRIOR to being listed as “available” on our site.  Since our adoptees are in homes, we usually know quite a bit about each pet’s individual personality. We can introduce each pet with information such as who does or does not interact well with other cats, dogs and children.