Pet Rescue Network

Available Dog: MayMixB

The May Mixes: Set B
The May Mixes are 8 weeks old. We do not know what they are except good, little mixed breed dogs. The puppies are all very social, happy babies who can't wait to find their forever homes. We think they will be medium to large sized dogs as adults. Their mother who was also a mixed breed dog weighs about 40 lbs. 

The adoption fee for each puppy is $225.00 to reimburse Pet Rescue Network (PRN) for her / her medical costs to date, which include, rabies, DHLPP, bordatella, heart worm test, preventative and neuter / spay when a bit older. Each puppy is also micro-chipped and the registration is covered in the adoption fee.

Glen: male

Gypsy: female

Pippy: female
Clay: adopted


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