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Available Cat: Gems

The Gems
The Gems  are 15/16 weeks old as of 8/12/20. Sapphire is friendly & affectionate with pretty blue eyes & gorgeous markings. Her hair is so soft. She is a wonderful kitten! Diamond loves her litter mates and playing with kitten toys. She is quiet & sweet, and a bit shy at first but warms up with love & patience. Copper is a playful and sweet kitten! He has a shorter tail due to an injury b/f he came into rescue. Just adds even more character to this little doll! 

Adopt a 2nd kitten and his / her adoption fee will be reduced by 50%!

The adoption fee for each kitten is $100.00 to reimburse PRN for the medical costs to date, which includes a negative FeLeuk / FIVE test, kitten shots to date, deworming, and spay/neuter when a bit older . Each is also microchipped and the registration is covered in the adoption fee . 
Copper, male, available

Sapphire, adopted

Diamond, female, available

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