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Available Cat: 3LilKitns

3 Little Kittens

Our 3 Little Kittens are just the cutest little babies! We are sure you will fall for them!

The adoption fee for each kitten is $75.00 to reimburse PRN for the medical costs to date, which includes a negative FeLeuk / FIV test, kitten shots to date, deworming, and spay/neuter when a bit older (fee waived for adoption of a 2nd kitten). Each is also microchipped and the registration is covered in the adoption fee .
Pam, adopted
Pam is a 10 week old, pretty Tabby. She and her little mates and very social. Pam
Is good with dogs & cats! She especially loves her brother Dwight. Pam will fit well into almost any family! Such a cutie!

Phyllis, female, available
Phyllis is 10 weeks old and has a beautiful, classic tabby coat! She is bigger than her siblings and is very playful. She and her litter mates are very social and have been around other dogs and cats. Phyllis will fit well into almost any home!

Dwight, adopted
Dwight is 10 weeks old. He has sharp tabby marking on bright white fur. He is not just handsome but he has a great personality too! He is great with other cats and dogs. He especially loves his sister Pam.

Besties: Pam & Dwight!

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