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Application: Birds

Pet Rescue Network
Application for Birds

Please understand that adopting a pet is a commitment for the animal's entire lifetime. Please fill out this form completely and submit. An adoption counselor will contact you once it has been received and reviewed. Thanks so much!

Potential adopters should be aware that exotic birds may develop undesirable habits such as destruction of clothing, furniture, or anything in reach; biting and / or screaming; dislike of particular members of the household, strangers, or guests.

Exotic birds require a great deal of attention and care, and their medical care can be costly. Many exotic birds can outlive their human companions

You must live in St. Louis or surrounding areas in order to be considered, as we will not ship birds. A home visit is also required.
Pet Rescue Network
Application for Birds

Bird of interest:
Spouse / Partner Name:
City , State, Zip:
Primary phone:
Secondary phone:
List children (with ages) and / or others living in the home.:
Who will be bird's primary caretaker?:
List each current pet's name, species, breed, age, if spayed/neutered and temperament:
Are all current pets up to date on vaccinations?:
If current pets are birds, have they been checked for any communicable diseases:
Veterinarian name and phone:
Tell us about the pets you have owned in the past 10 years. Include species, breed, age, and if applicable, why you no longer have this/these pets:
Type of residence:
If renting, does landlord / complex allow pets?:
Describe any restrictions on pet ownership for your place of residence or indicate "no restrictions":
Landlord name:
Landlord number:
Home description (in particular what areas of your home will be available to your bird):
What species of bird(s) are you primarily interested in and why?:
Does anyone in the household smoke?:
Who would take care of your bird when you are not available (travel, illness, etc):
What activities will you do with your bird?:
List any circumstances that would cause you to not keep your bird:
Reference #1 (name & number):
Reference #2 (name & number):
Reference #3 (name & number):
Anything else you would like to share:
I hereby state that the information on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I am at least 18 years of. (provide name / signature):

Once you have applied and been approved for the adoption of a PRN bird, you will be required to sign an adoption / disclosure agreement. Please click here to preview the form you will be given and required to sign when the adoption is finalized.

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