Pet Rescue Network
Adoption Agreement: Birds

After you have been approved to adopt a particular Pet Rescue Network bird, you will be asked to read and sign a copy of this adoption  agreement / disclosure statement. The content of this agreement is included below for your consideration prior to the adoption of a PRN bird.

If you have any questions regarding the agreement you will be asked to sign, feel free to contact us.

By adopting a pet you understand and commit to:

I, ______________________________________, the undersigned, do declare that I am aware that Pet Rescue
Network has disclosed all information about the pet that is known, and Pet Rescue Network makes neither
guarantee nor any representation for this pets behavior, health, or temperament, and I accept full responsibility
for any risks associated with owning this pet.  Pet Rescue Network advises that any interaction between pets
and children be closely supervised.  I hereby release and waive any right or claim against Pet Rescue Network
that I may have now or in the future for any damages to person or property caused by this pet.

I understand the adoption fee for this pet named ________________________________is $_______________.    
Generally there is no provision for refunding of any portion of any adoption fee but exceptions may be made on
a case by case basis and these are at the sole discretion of Pet Rescue Network.    

I agree and promise to keep and provide for this pet for its lifetime.  I will always provide this pet with adequate
food, fresh water, adequate shelter, and loving companionship.  I will provide both routine and emergency
veterinary care as needed.   I agree never to abandon my pet or sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of said bird
to any person(s), dealer, retailer, auction, institute, or any other entity for any reason..  I understand that the
normal adjustment period for most new pets is approximately 30-45 days and I am prepared to make allowances
accordingly as the pet gets to know its new surroundings.   

If, for any reason or at any time, I am unable or unwilling to care for my adopted bird, I agree to contact
Pet Rescue Network to return it to them or offer them the first right for placement.

Should it come to the attention of Pet Rescue Network from any source that the adopter is not abiding by the
terms of this agreement, or is abusing, mistreating, or neglecting this pet, Pet Rescue Network has the right to
take the pet into protective custody while the charge is investigated, and if the charge is deemed to be true and
accurate, shall have the right to resume permanent ownership of the pet and adopter shall relinquish all rights
and this agreement shall be terminated.

I agree to the above statements.  I agree to contact Pet Rescue Network by phone, email, or postal mail of any
changes to my address or phone numbers.

This agreement will be made available by your pet adoption advisor once you have been approved as an adoptive family for a particular bird.
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