Pet Rescue Network
Adoption Agreement: Dogs and Cats

After you have been approved to adopt a particular Pet Rescue Network pet, you will be asked to read and sign an adoption  agreement / disclosure statement. The content of this agreement is included below for your consideration prior to the adoption of a PRN animal. If you have any questions regarding the agreement you will be asked to sign, feel free to contact us.


I, ____________________________________ ("Adopter") and Pet Rescue Network hereby agree to the following:

1. This pet, a _________ [type of animal] named _____________________________, is being transferred by Pet Rescue Network to Adopter with the understanding that Adopter is taking possession of the pet to keep and to provide for this pet for its lifetime. Adopter is adopting the pet solely as a domestic pet for the Adopter and/or the Adopter's family.

2. Adopter will pay Pet Rescue Network a non-refundable adoption fee of $________ before the pet is transferred.

3. Adopter understands and agrees that Pet Rescue Network makes no guarantees or representations regarding this pet's behavior, health, or temperament. Adopter accepts full responsibility for any risks associated with owning this pet and hereby forever releases Pet Rescue Network and its agents from any and all liability arising out of Adopter's ownership and possession of this pet, including but not limited to any claim for damages to persons or property caused by this pet. Pet Rescue Network advises that any interaction between pets and children be closely supervised.

4. Adopter will always provide this pet with adequate food, fresh water, bedding, shelter and loving companionship. Adopter will never physically abuse, neglect or harm the pet in any way. Adopter will provide both routine and emergency veterinary care as needed, including an annual physical exam, regular vaccinations, boosters, and heartworm test and preventative care, if applicable.

5. If the pet is a cat, Adopter will never declaw the pet under any circumstances. Adopter understands and agrees that declawing can cause serious physical, psychological and behavioral complications, and that scratching is normal cat behavior. Adopter will provide scratching posts or pads, and keep the pet's nails trimmed.

6. If the pet is a dog or cat, and is not already sterilized prior to adoption, Adopter agrees to sign and to abide by the terms of Pet Rescue Networks' Sterilization Agreement, the terms of which are incorporated herein.

7. Adopter agrees to never: (a) abandon the pet; (b) give or sell the pet to another person or entity; or (c) deposit the pet at an animal shelter or research facility, for any reason. If at any time in the future Adopter cannot continue to provide proper care for the pet for any reason, Adopter agrees to contact Pet Rescue Network and to arrange for the return of the pet. Adopter agrees to give Pet Rescue Network at least three (3) business days notice before returning the pet, and will provide safe and loving care of the pet until it is returned. However, before returning the pet to Pet Rescue Network, Adopter agrees to exhaust all available options including, but not limited to, obedience training, a behaviorist, crate training or veterinary advice to solve a physical or behavioral problem that may occur with the pet. Adopter understand that the normal adjustment period for most new pets is approximately 30-45 days and is prepared to make allowances accordingly as the pet gets to know its new surroundings.

8. Should it come to the attention of Pet Rescue Network from any source that Adopter is not abiding by the terms of this agreement, or is abusing, mistreating, or neglecting this pet, Pet Rescue Network has the right to take the pet into protective custody while the charge is investigated, and if the charge is deemed to be true and accurate, shall have the right to resume permanent ownership of the pet and Adopter shall relinquish all rights and this agreement shall be terminated.

9. Adopter agrees to contact Pet Rescue Network if there are any changes to Adopter's address or phone number.


1.    Adopter understands that ____________ [name of pet] is not yet spayed or neutered. ________________ [name of pet] is a _____________________________ [description of pet]

2.    Missouri Revised Statutes Sections 273.400 to 273.405 requires all adopted dogs or cats to be sterilized. Adopter understands this requirement.

3. Pet Rescue Network, in accordance with Missouri law, requires that all animals adopted from their organization be spayed or neutered within 30 days of the date when the pet is 6 months old. By signing this agreement, Adopter agrees to have this animal spayed or neutered by ___________________, which date is 30 days after this pet turns 6 months old (the "Sterilization Date").

4. Adopter agrees to have the pet spayed or neutered by one of Pet Rescue Networks' associated veterinarians on or before the Sterilization Date, or by a veterinarian selected by the Adopter. If Adopter uses one of Pet Rescue Networks' associated veterinarians, the adoption fee includes the spaying or neutering of your pet. If Adopter uses a non-associated veterinarian, Adopter is responsible for the cost of the spaying or neutering.

5. Adopter understands and agrees that the pet is micro-chipped for identification purposes, and that the registered owner of the pet is Pet Rescue Network. Upon submission of written proof of timely sterilization of the pet, Pet Rescue Network will register Adopter as the owner of the pet.

This agreement will be made available by your pet adoption advisor once you have been approved as an adoptive family for a particular dog or cat.
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